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A podcast reviewing and exploring every Superman adventure in DC Comics -- The New 52

Well, DC Universe: Rebirth is here! And The New 52 Adventures of Superman is here to talk about it!

This is also the first episode of the show in a long time, so there is a spoiler-free segment at the onset to talk about what the show is doing and where it's going, cuz believe me, stuff is happening. Then, after a clearly announced boundary, I dive into those elements of DC Universe: Rebirth that struck me as worth mentioning. I also ramble a bit about my thoughts on New 52 Superman as a whole now that we're on the back end of it.

Spoiler warnings in effect for the entirety of comics past, present, and future.

Then, be sure to be back here next week!

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  • Just listened to the podcast. Pre-Flashpoint Lois & Superman came into the New 52 Universe around the time the newly formed JL took on Darksied for the first (see Lois & Clark #1), which was 5 years before the main timeline. If you the. Add three or so years from then to now, that would put Jonathon between 8 & 10.

    posted by: Bryan Downs on 2016-05-26 17:29:20

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