The New 52 Adventures of Superman (Solicitations)
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Solicitations November 2016

Another month of good news has come around, and Russ Burlingame is back to hash out all the various ideas that they inspire. Where will all our Supers be come three months from now? Give a listen and find out!

Solicitation information can be found here.

Also check out Russ's other work at the Emerald City Video Podcast and over at!

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SDCC and Solicitations October 2016

It's solicitations time again, and I'm here to share all my thought son the coming books, but we also just had San Diego Comic-Con, so I'm gonna talk about that as well. And joining me on this episode is a man who was able to talk to some of the creators at the con,'s own Russell Burlingame!

If you would like to look at the solicit text and preview covers, you can find those at Newsarama. Also, Russ has put up several articles featuring interviews, links to which are as follows:

I hope you enjoy the listen! And look for new Rebirth and Road to Rebirth episodes later in the week!

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Solicitations September 2016 (and July and August too)

Hey, everyone likes solicitations, right? Those previews of comics that are coming three months from now? Well, I do too! And I think I want to have monthly discussions about them when they hit. So here's an initial go. Let me know what you think!

Solicitations for September 2016, with text and cover previews, can be found here, August here, and July here.

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