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Road to Rebirth 04: Injustice League

Going monthly now for the foreseeable future, Road to Rebirth has emerged from the darkness of Forever Evil to see a new status quo for the Justice League, or shall we call them the INjustice League?! Lex Luthor is looking for membership in the League, and Batman may have no choice but to let him in. Al and Jon have the details in this first of two episodes covering Justice League Volume 6: Injustice League.

Justice League Volume 6: Injustice League collects Justice League 30-39. This episode covers 30-34.

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Road to Rebirth 03: Forever Evil Forever

This is it, folks! This is the wrapup of one of the greatest stories in the New 52 history! And Al and Jon are here to give you all of their thoughts on it.

First, though, they cover some of the tie-ins of the series, specifically those that involve Supers, namely Justice League Volume 5: Forever Heroes, Justice League of America Volume 2: Survivors of Evil, and Suicide Squad Volume 5: Walled In. After varying levels of coverage with those side stories, it's time for the finale with Forever Evil 7.

In two weeks, we start to look at how a new Luthor gets involved with the Justice League, or should we now call it the Injustice League??!!

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Road to Rebirth 02: Foreverer Evil

I'm joined once again by my friend Al Sedano as we take our second steps down the road that led us to Rebirth. This episode features the second portion of our coverage of the DCU event Forever Evil. We focus on the meat of the story: issues 2-6, having covered the first issue last time and reserving the finale for next episode.

I hope you enjoy the listen, and don't forget to send your email to new52superman at gmail dot com, and leave an iTunes review!

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Road to Rebirth 01: Forever Evil

Today launches a biweekly series that I am calling Road to Rebirth. Here, I'll be helped by Al Sedano in going through the various storylines that helped to lead directly into the events immediately preceding Rebirth. Truth, Darkseid War, and Final Days are part of that, but we have a few precursors to work through first.

So in this episode, we begin our coverage of Forever Evil. This is the first of three parts, and here we look at the first issue of the series as well as some of the Superman-centric issues from Villains Month: Metallo, Bizarro, Luthor, Brainiac, and Parasite. And in two weeks, we'll continue with the bulk of the Forever Evil series.

Also, check out, a central location for my various podcasts. This is the inaugural post there, but you'll see all my various shows continue to get posted there as I create episodes over the summer.

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