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43 H'el on Earth conclusion (just kidding)

Jon and Dave are back to finish out their coverage of H'el on Earth with the help of Charlie Niemeyer.  The problem is, it was so late after covering Superboy 17 and Supergirl 17 that we had to go to bed, so Superman 17's coverage will be here with emails next time.  So come give a listen, and we'll see you back here again next week!

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  • I'm looking for the Superman New 52 edition where the Man of Steel bench-presses the entire Earth without the aid of solar light. Which edition is it?

    posted by: Tomster on 2014-05-12 03:16:58

  • Blimey, I am late to the party. I've just discovered the show with your final posdcat or is it all a dream?Anyway, I shall work my way through the archive, thanks for putting the work in, and be well.

    posted by: Sharon on 2013-09-30 22:12:55

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