The New 52 Adventures of Superman
A podcast reviewing and exploring every Superman adventure in DC Comics -- The New 52

In the latest episode, I take a look at the three Justice League issues that led into Trinity War, as they were published in Justice League Volume 4: The Grid. Then it's off to the August 2014 solicitations to see what DC has in store for us down the road!

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  • Hey Jon- I've been enjoying your recent format change. I keep up with the books monthly, but it's nice to get a recap and refresher a couple of months down the line to help keep my memory of recent events in order. I found your talk in this episode about the pronunciation of Ivan Reis' name particularly entertaining, as I have always been conscious of correct pronunciation for creators names. I was recently listening to some older episodes of the Word Ballon Podcast, and there was an interview with Ivan Reis where he addressed this very topic. The correct pronunciation (direct from the horse's mouth) is Ee-vahn Hace. You were close with Ee-vahn Race, definitely a lot closer than I ever got before I listened to this interview. Ivan Reis is from Brazil, so maybe that's a difference of dialects? Anyways, that's all. Back to listening to the show...

    posted by: TomO on 2014-05-29 18:32:22

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