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Solicitations November 2016

Another month of good news has come around, and Russ Burlingame is back to hash out all the various ideas that they inspire. Where will all our Supers be come three months from now? Give a listen and find out!

Solicitation information can be found here.

Also check out Russ's other work at the Emerald City Video Podcast and over at!

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Road to Rebirth 04: Injustice League

Going monthly now for the foreseeable future, Road to Rebirth has emerged from the darkness of Forever Evil to see a new status quo for the Justice League, or shall we call them the INjustice League?! Lex Luthor is looking for membership in the League, and Batman may have no choice but to let him in. Al and Jon have the details in this first of two episodes covering Justice League Volume 6: Injustice League.

Justice League Volume 6: Injustice League collects Justice League 30-39. This episode covers 30-34.

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Rebirth: Superman 5

Superman falls to the Eradicator but Lois takes charge of the fight, and then he goes to the center of the Earth as Supergirl takes her turn at Rebirth. Come give a listen!

This episode reviews Superman 5, Supergirl: Rebirth, and Justice League 3.

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Rebirth: Superman 4 and Action Comics 961

It's a double-Rebirth episode as I talk about both the Superman books from last week and this week. The feature issues are Superman 4 and Action Comics 961, but Superwoman 1 cannot be left unmentioned, as it was definitely a standout. And I round out the episode with brief looks at New Super-Man 2, Justice League 2, and Red Hood & the Outlaws 1.

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Rebirth: Action Comics 960

Nearly a week late due to illness and other things, but here are my Rebirth thoughts on Action Comics 960. Only one Superbook this week: Red Hood & the Outlaws: Rebirth did hit but sadly no Bizarro. Still a great read, though, so check it out! But only after you download and listen!! :)

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Road to Rebirth 03: Forever Evil Forever

This is it, folks! This is the wrapup of one of the greatest stories in the New 52 history! And Al and Jon are here to give you all of their thoughts on it.

First, though, they cover some of the tie-ins of the series, specifically those that involve Supers, namely Justice League Volume 5: Forever Heroes, Justice League of America Volume 2: Survivors of Evil, and Suicide Squad Volume 5: Walled In. After varying levels of coverage with those side stories, it's time for the finale with Forever Evil 7.

In two weeks, we start to look at how a new Luthor gets involved with the Justice League, or should we now call it the Injustice League??!!

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SDCC and Solicitations October 2016

It's solicitations time again, and I'm here to share all my thought son the coming books, but we also just had San Diego Comic-Con, so I'm gonna talk about that as well. And joining me on this episode is a man who was able to talk to some of the creators at the con,'s own Russell Burlingame!

If you would like to look at the solicit text and preview covers, you can find those at Newsarama. Also, Russ has put up several articles featuring interviews, links to which are as follows:

I hope you enjoy the listen! And look for new Rebirth and Road to Rebirth episodes later in the week!

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Rebirth: Superman 3 and Justice League 1

The Eradicator and Extinction Machines are in full force in this week's Rebirth comics. So I take a look at Superman 3 and Justice League 1 to find out what all the ruckus is about. Come give a listen!

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Rebirth: Action Comics 959 and New Super-Man 1

Doomsday and Superman are still slugging it out as the mystery around the new Clark Kent contintues to build. Meanwhile, there's a new face in town, and he's sporting an S. This Rebirth episode, I'm talking about Action Comics 959 and New Super-Man 1!

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Rebirth: Superman 2 and Justice League

Happy new comics day everyone! Today I'm talking about the second issue of the phenomenal new Superman series from Tomasi and Gleason! And it is fantastic! Then, because we live in an amazing world, I'm hopping over to the one-shot Justice League: Rebirth to talk about the old team and the new Superman's place in it. Come give a listen!

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